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Friday, November 25, 2011

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Real online income opportunities through Affiliate Programs

Hi Guys!

Thanx for visiting my blog now i can assure you that you are in a right place. We all love money right? So if you are looking for some genuine online income opportunities then i have listed some of them here.

First of all let me give you an overview on Affiliate or referral programs as what exactly its is and how we can set up this business in no time.Remember guys, I have tried many opportunities on net but trust me the only way to generate your online income is through Affiliate/Referral marketing programs and through google adsense.

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Now let us understand whats this all about.

What is a referral program?

A referral program is another name for an affiliate program, a business arrangement in which a merchant website pays someone a commission for referring customers to the merchant's site. You are usually paid a specified amount per sale. It's a bit like being a commissioned sales person - online. For newcomers to Internet marketing joining a referral program or two is an excellent opportunity - a way to earn money without producing your own product.

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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program isn't really a "program". It's a business arrangement.

For newcomers to Internet marketing, they provide an excellent opportunity - a way to earn money without producing your own product. Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing, cost-effective way for businesses to increase traffic and for website owners to make money. They are usually remarkably easy to join and operate. They are also usually free to join.

Companies use these revenue sharing arrangements to pay commissions to website owners for sending them customers or "leads". You are paid a commission if the person buys a product or service, or perhaps if he or she simply fills out a form, or asks for a free sample. You can be paid per sale, per lead or per click.

Other names: Affiliate programs are also known as associate, reseller, commission, bounty, pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale or pay-for-performance programs.

Here's an example

Let's say you love golf, so you create a website in which you recommend the golf books, magazines, videos and golfing gear you use and love.The merchants selling those products provide you with affiliate links which you paste into your site.When visitors click on those links and buy those products, you earn a commission on each sale..Some affiliates earn pocket money. A few make millions of dollars. I've been earning a good living purely from affiliate program commissions since 2006.

I reckon it's an excellent way to earn a living because you don't have to create a product, you don't need a warehouse, you don't handle inventory, you don't have to worry about postage and packaging, you don't have to deal with customers. All those things are handled by the affiliate merchant.

Do I Need a website?

It's definitely best to have a website, because that way you can get repeat customers. It's much easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. A big advantage of not having a website is that you can spend ALL your time on marketing. On the other hand, an affiliate who doesn't own a website is busy building someone else's business, instead of building their own business.

I will be adding new opportunities allways and already in the process of adding,which will take time so be there and keep coming back to this blog regularly.

 Now without wasting much of ur time let me get straight into business.Iam giving you direct links to all the opportunities.So go to link and explode ur earnings. My top favourite programs are listed serial number wise.

Site Build It

Ken Evoy's Site Build It! is right up at Number 1, where it belongs.I earn four-figure commissions (and sometimes five-figure commissions) from Ken's affiliate program now, with only minimal maintenance.Ken is a truly amazing, multi-talented individual.

Among his achievements, he has taught medicine, designed toys and games which earn millions of dollars in royalties, and invented a "virtually impossible to sell" niche software product - which he sold on the Net, earning $1,000 to $5,000 a day.SiteSell's fast-selling Site Build It! (SBI) has been my top money-earner for years.

It makes it easy for you to create your own website simply and easily, even if you have no technical knowledge at all. It analyzes which themes will be profitable.Even better, it helps you optimize the pages for the main search engines and teaches you how to promote your site effectively. This remarkable tool also generates your Google and Yahoo! Sitemaps and automatically submits them when necessary so you don't have to!Site Build It! doesn't just teach you search engine optimization. It teaches you Internet marketing. Join Site Sell 5 Pillar Affiliate Registration Here

Super Affiliate Handbook - Affiliate Program

The program pays 50% of $47.00 (minus Clickbank fees) - an easy sell in today's tough economy.

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Internet Marketing centre

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Teamwork Revolution Power System

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Express Paid Surveys Affiliate program

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HY Affiliates

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The Clickbank Code : Your Blueprint to $48k a Month Passive Income

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